Sweater Wristlet

My sweater wristlet is the perfect upcycle for that old sweater you have laying around in your closet!  We have a tradition in our family.  After Christmas, we go through old toys and clothes to donate to those less fortunate.  I was rummaging through my disaster of a closet trying to purge anything I did not deem necessary to keep when I stumbled upon some old sweaters.  As I was throwing them into the pile to give away, one of my old cable knit sweaters caught my eye.  Recently, I had seen a multitude of “old sweater projects” on Pinterest.  I began brainstorming.  Everyone was making sweater pillows, dresses but I wanted to do something different.  That’s when I came up with the sweater wristlet!

Sweater Wristlet at createcraftlove.com #wristlet #upcycle #sewing

I used a tutorial I found on Pinterest to make the wristlet.  {Many thanks to Imagine Fabric!}  I made one modification and used the wrist of my sweater to create the wristlet strap.  It was a little tricky working with the sweater due to the stretchiness.  {Is that even a word?}  You just have to be very careful and go slow!  Don’t overstretch the sweater!

To make the flower, I used a tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous.  I can’t believe how simple and easy it was!

Sweater Wristlet at createcraftlove.com #wristlet #upcycle #sewing

Sweater Wristlet at createcraftlove.com #wristlet #upcycle #sewing

What do you think?  Cute, right?  (wink, wink)

Have you upcycled old sweaters?


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  1. This turned out so cute! I am loving the color and your flower is darling! Thank you for linking up!


  2. Thanks for hosting Amanda! I love your blog! =)

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