Magnetic Chalkboard for Pantry Door

This Magnetic Chalkboard for my pantry door has solved a couple of issues for us.  Currently, we rent the house where we are living.  And although I am eternally grateful to have a roof over my head, I long for the days when I can create my own living space and infuse my own personal flair.   One of the biggest problems is the kitchen has no wall space!  It is open on one end and overlooks our great room.  We have a huge bay window in the kitchen and it takes up the entire wall.  The other two sides are reserved for the cabinets and appliances.
Magnetic Chalkboard via #chalkboard #DIY

Wanna make your own Magnetic Chalkboard?

Here’s what you need:
Two pieces of 22.5 inch pine wood
Two pieces of 16 inch pine wood
Sand paper
Wood glue
Sheet metal 12in x 24in
Chalkboard paint
Paint of your choosing for the frame
Self drilling screws 3/4 inch
Cordless drill
For the wood, I purchased one piece of 1 inch x 3 inch by 8 foot pine.  And because I’m inpatient and did not want to wait to use my dad’s power saw, I also bought a hand saw.  I measured off the pieces I needed and starting sawing.  {Let me tell you, it was not as easy as it looks.  You have to put some muscle in it!}
IMG_1003edit copy

Then I sanded those bad boys down so the edges were as smooth as a baby’s rear end.

Once that was done, I applied the wood glue to the ends of the long pieces and then arranged the short pieces.  {Another side note: do not get wood glue on the concrete because the frame will adhere to the concrete…oops.  Thankfully, I was able to remove the frame from the concrete without damaging it.} Let the wood glue set for 24 hours.

While that was drying, I washed and dried one side of the sheet metal.  Once it was completely dry, I began applying the chalkboard paint.  It took a good three to four coats before it was completely covered.
 Fast forward 24 hours…
The wood glue was set and my frame was sturdy so I began painting.  I chose Colonial Red to match the rest of my kitchen.  This required four coats before it was well covered.

 While that was drying, I whipped up some fabric flowers to add to the frame for embellishment.
Fast forward another 24 hours…
I was finally ready to screw the sheet metal to the back of the frame.  Turn the frame over (good side down) and place the sheet metal (good side down) on top of that.

Using the self drilling screws, I fastened the sheet metal to the frame.


Next I hot glued the flowers to the corner of the frame and added a ribbon hanger.

All done!  Now wasn’t that easy?

Magnetic Chalkboard via #chalkboard #DIY
Magnetic Chalkboard via #chalkboard #DIY


Click here to download the printable PDF instructions to create the Magnetic Chalkboard!

What things do you wish you could add to your kitchen?




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    These were our Christmas presents to friends and family this year. Super easy and they turn our super cute. Only for the edges on ours we used modge podge and scrap book paper. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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    Hello! I found your website via Show Me What Ya Got @ Not Just a Housewife. I love this solution to the refrigerator door being the “hub” in the kitchen and it’s so pretty. I HAVE to make one of these for me (and maybe more for gifts)! Thanks for sharing!

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    It should be illegal to make a fridge that isn’t magnetic!! Your magnetic board turned out so nice, I’m glad you have a place for artwork.:) Love the rosettes on it too. Thanks for sharing with us at Link It UP Thursday.

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    Hi Jill,

    I wanted to do this (on a bigger) scale, but I have read that the surface is not that magnetic once you put on the chalk paint… does yours hold magnets pretty well? Thanks!



  1. […] chalkboard paint!  I used chalkboard paint for the first time over the summer when I created my Magnetic Chalkboard for my pantry door.  {Click here to that post.}  This stuff is amazing!  It covers so well. […]

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