Cabochon Specimen Art

I am so excited that Megan from Chaos Served Daily is running the show today while I’m away at SNAP!   This Cabochon Specimen Art is adorable!  Thanks again, friend!

Hi! I’m Megan from Chaos Served Daily, and I’m thrilled Jill is letting me show off a little project today! I have a confession…I am a craft supply hoarder, and I cannot resist buying cabochons (those little resin flowers) every time I see a bargain on them (and, yes, I’m talking to you, Pick Your Plum). But a girl can only make so many earrings and pendants with them, and when I make a card using them, I never want to give it away!

Then I had a lightbulb moment. I’ve seen lots of specimen art on various blogs lately, and what better way to use a whole set of flowers? And keep them for myself? Okay, so maybe I’ll give this to my mom for Mother’s Day. Or a friend. Or a teacher…I’m sure that’s a sentiment they can agree with on the last day of school!


This could not have been simpler to make. Here are the supplies I used:

  • 20 resin flowers
  • Crystal Effects (or any strong glue for resin)
  • a piece of needlepoint linen
  • scrapbook paper for the background
  • a 5×7 frame
  • my computer and printer for the saying

I cut the linen to about 4×6, then pulled a few threads off each edge to fray it. After using double-sided tape to attach it to the background paper, I adhered the flowers (after carefully laying them out and aligning them first!).

The hardest part was deciding which font to use when I was ready to print the “Happy,Happy,Happy.” I cut out the strip of paper, once I finally decided on a font and colors, and rounded the edges. I used a corner rounder punch, but you could easily trace a circular object such as a penny on the back and cut it out.

My hooligans (and, let’s face it, my GI Joe) all thought this was a tribute to “Duck Dynasty,” but it’s not. Really. Well, not entirely. I’ve said, “Happy, happy, happy” for years…at least since we were stationed in Louisiana in the late 90’s!

I’d love for you to stop by my blog, Chaos Served Daily, where you can find me crafting, cooking, and attempting to control the always-entertaining chaos of life in an Army family with three little kids. And thanks again, Jill, for letting me share this cute little project today!



  1. Lindy says

    Oh my goodness Megan…..I am so totally with you! Can’t resist them and don’t want to give them away!!! I absolutely love this!!!!! Pinning for later!!! xoxo Lindy

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