Chalkboard Gift Tags

Another of my crafting favorites – chalkboard paint!  I used chalkboard paint for the first time over the summer when I created my Magnetic Chalkboard for my pantry door.  {Click here to that post.}  This stuff is amazing!  It covers so well.  Since I had plenty left over, I decided to create these Chalkboard Gift Tags!

chalkboard gift tags

Wanna make your own?

Here’s what you need:

Wooden discs (and a power drill to create the holes)


Chalkboard paint and paint brush

Sharpie Paint Pens

I began by having my husband drill holes in the discs for the ribbon.

Paint the discs with the chalkboard paint.  It took about two coats to cover completely.

Once the discs were dry, I decorated them with the Sharpie Paint Pens.

Thread the ribbons through and tie off!

chalkboard gift tags

Super easy, right?


Doubles as an ornament – you have to love double purpose crafts!

Reusable – erase and start again!  You could even leave cute little messages for each other!

Super cute – well duh!

chalkboard gift tags

Lovin’ how they look against the brown kraft paper too!

chalkboard gift tags

These would make a super cute Advent Calendar too!  Imagine all the possibilities!

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Until next time….

Happy Wrapping!

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  1. What a great idea! So cute, and the best thing is that these can be re-used. One could use them for leaving short messages to other people in the house or as reminders (instead of post-its), seriously, very cool! ^^ xx

  2. Totally making some!! Thanks for the idea, Jill!

  3. Love how cute and easy these are!

  4. Jill I am totally loving how easy these are! Plus they are SUPER adorable!!!! Pinning!

  5. As usual, another great idea :)

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