Yarn Wrapped Monogram Gift Tag

When I first embarked on this massive gift wrapping journey, I was stuck at seventeen ideas.  SEVENTEEN!  I needed 24!  The Beatles said it best – we get by with a little help from our friends and that is sooooo true.  Meredith from Wait Til Your Father Gets Home and Sarah from Becoming Martha both suggested these Yarn Wrapped Monogram Gift Tags.  And I must say I am just tickled with how they turned out!

yarn wrapped monogram gift tag

These were super simple to create!

I grabbed some yarn, wooden letters and scrapbook embellishments from Michael’s and got to work!  {For a more detailed tutorial with step by step instructions, head over to Becoming Martha for her Twine Wrapped Ornament tutorial!}

Once the letter was completely wrapped I adhered the end with a little hot glue.  Then I added some twine so that you would hang it on your tree if you wanted!

I love crafts that have multiple purposes!  I went back and forth on the edges.  But I am so glad I left them unwrapped because I really like it that way!

yarn wrapped monogram gift tags

To top it off, I added some scrapbook embellishments to give it some added flair.  Simply, hot glue in place.

And it looks super cute on the tree!

yarn wrapped monogram gift tags

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Until next time….

Happy Wrapping!




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