Christmas Craftin’ Pinterest Party: Ribbon Wrapped Wreath Tutorial

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I am so thankful to have found some good friends down here in SW Missouri who understand my need for crafting and eating!  As part of the Michaels Pinterest Party campaign, I was challenged to throw a Pinterest party of my own with those friends.  If you’ve never thrown a craft party, you need to!  We laughed, talked, crafted and best of all…ate chocolate!  Today, I want to share our Christmas Craftin’ Pinterest Party with all of YOU!

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We began the evening with chocolate cake.  {Nothing goes better with crafting than chocolate cake!}  Michaels provided the decorations!  Did you know you can order personalized party supplies to personalize your event?  Click here!




After everyone was on a sugar high, it was time to break out the glue guns.

I asked the girls ahead of time what sort of craft they wanted to do and they all agreed on Christmas wreaths.  Wreaths?  You all know my love of wreaths!  I decided on a ribbon wrapped Christmas wreath tutorial.


Wanna make your own Ribbon Wrapped Christmas Wreath?

Here’s what you need:

Foam wreath form

3 inch wide Christmas ribbon

Hot glue gun


Embellishments {ribbons, bows, flowers, pine cones, etc}



Begin by gluing the end of your ribbon to the wreath form.  Start wrapping around the form.  Be sure not to overlap too much or you may run out of ribbon.


Once the entire wreath is wrapped in ribbon, trim the excess and hot glue the end in place.

Then you are ready to start gluing your embellishments.  Michaels provided us with all sorts of fun goodies including ornaments, bows, pine cones, and bells!  There is no set right or wrong way to decorate your wreath.  Have fun with it!


I just love these girls and their creativity!


The wreaths are beautiful and the friendships I am forming are memorable.  Thanks so much, ladies!

A special thanks to Michaels for sponsoring this party!  We had a blast!

Follow #MPinterestParty to see how others are turning their Pinterest dreams into reality!   The Michaels Decor Guide has oodles of project ideas!  Navigate through the online version or download your own today!


I received free product from Michaels for the purpose of this post.  Full disclosure here.




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