Personalized Vinyl Drink Cooler

What is one thing you need at any cookout or summer party?  A cooler!  I mean, I love an Igloo cooler as much as the next girl, but sometimes you have to gussy it up a bit.  Am I right?  I came across this adorable red galvanized metal tub and turned it into this Personalized Vinyl Drink Cooler in under five minutes!

Personalized Vinyl Drink Cooler via #vinyl #summer #cookout #personlized




  1. Crystal says

    So cute!! I love it!! Perfect for a party!! At my Bunco party last month, I had a huge pink bowl that I filled halfway with ice and put the little water bottles in for those who wanted water. I wished I would have had this bucket. Love it!!

  2. says

    Super cute! And it made me realize I used to have a big galvanized drink tub that I could personalize…except I can’t remember when I saw it last…maybe three moves ago, in Kansas? Perhaps I’ll have to just buy a new one!

  3. says

    Hi – I found you on the Sundae Scoop. This is adorable. I haven’t worked with vinyl yet but this project makes me want to try. I’ll be following your blog. If you have a moment, I’d love for you to stop by for a visit at Deliciously Inspired.


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