Earth Day Bird Bath

This Earth Day Bird Bath is the perfect natural addition to your outdoor space!   To celebrate Earth Day, I wanted to share an eco-friendly project with you!  I made this Earth Day Bird Bath out of a grapevine wreath, terracotta pot saucer and twine!  I love how it turned out!  It looks so natural and outdoorsy!
Earth Day Bird Bath at #birdbath

Wanna make your own Earth Day Bird Bath?

Here’s what you need!
Grapevine wreath
Terracotta Pot Saucer
Silk greenery
Hot glue gun
Yard stick
Earth Day Bird Bath at #birdbath
First measure and cut four 2 yard lengths of twine.
Combine the four ends (evenly) and double knot.
Earth Day Bird Bath at #birdbath
Place on the ground and spread out the four lengths so they form a cross.  (I did this on the deck and it made it a little easier to manage.)
Earth Day Bird Bath at #birdbath
Place the grapevine wreath on top of the twine cross.
Earth Day Bird Bath at #birdbath
Place the saucer in the wreath.
Earth Day Bird Bath at #birdbath
Pull the four ends up around the wreath.  Tie the twine ends together (about two to three feet above the wreath).
Next, I added some silk greenery to “camoflauge” the bird bath and make it look more natural.
Earth Day Bird Bath at #birdbath
I wish I had more pictures to show you but it started raining and the pictures are pretty blurry…
Earth Day Bird Bath at #birdbath
This could make a great Mother’s Day present too!  Or you could add some bird seed and use it as a feeder!
What did you do to celebrate Earth Day??


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    Wow. Great idea. I have all the things I’ll need. Thank you so much. I host a Tuesday blog hop. I would love it if you would link up. Have a wonderful weekend! Diane @

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    This is great. I saw one on pinterest and planned on making one this week for our backyard :) I like yours with the vine in it. It gives it that extra added touch!

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    Love this project so much that I’ll be featuring it at tonight’s Make it Great party! I hope you’ll stop by to grab a featured button from the sidebar and to link up again. Have a wonderful week~

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