Candy Tin Gift Card Holder

I love getting gift cards but I hate giving them.  I worry that people will think “You couldn’t think of anything to get me!”  {Of course, that’s just my own paranoia.}  But I am trying hard to find fun and different ways of gifting them.  The Candy Tin Gift Card Holder is a sweet treat with a surprise!

candy tin gift card holder

I got these tins at Pick Your Plum a couple of weeks ago.  I bought three dozen…THREE DOZEN.  I had no idea in mind for them but knew I had to have them…LOL

{I may have a slight problem when it comes to daily deals and M&Ms.  If a week goes by and I don’t get a PYP package, my husband thinks I’m depressed.}

Here’s what I did…

First, clean out the tin.  {Let’s be sanitary, people.}

Then place the gift card in the tin.  It’s the perfect size, by the way.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it fits so well.

Add their favorite candy and secure with a little washi tape!

candy tin gift card holder

Now who wouldn’t like to get a little tin of candy?  And then, SURPRISE!  =)

These Candy Tin Gift Card Holders are a quick and easy way to package gift cards!  You could even do small jewelry.  I know if Kyle had presented me a tin of M&Ms with an engagement ring at the bottom, I would have melted!  {Bad pun.}

Until next time,

Happy Wrapping!


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    Jill – this is brilliant. I must have your paranoia as well; I don’t like giving gift cards either but love receiving them.

    I also love PYP!!!! Aren’t they just amazing!

  2. says

    This is such a fun and great idea! Gift cards are just the perfect answer for some people, and this is such a cute idea to jazz it up a little!! We love it! Thanks for linking up to our Strut Your Stuff Saturday! We’re so glad you came! Have a great weekend. -The Six Sisters


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