Candy Corn Necklace

Remember as a kid, when you would get those candy necklaces?  Personally, I thought they tasted gross.  With all the candy corn tutorials floating around the Web, I did my own take on this candy store classic.  Today, I am sharing a quick and easy Halloween tutorial for making Candy Corn Necklaces!

Whip up this fun Candy Corn Necklace for the kids!  via 



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    How cute is this?! My kids would be in heaven! I have been a HORRIBLE commenter lately, but I am loving your blog and all your great ideas…especially that stenciled cork board. Genius!!

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    What a fun idea for the kids. My only problem is I love eating candy corn too much… i don’t think it would last long enough to string together. I’d be munching while I was making them. haha.

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