Basket Weave Ribbon

Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve?  Where has December gone?  I feel like it was just Thanksgiving!  This Basket Weave Ribbon pattern is something I have been wanting to try since I saw it on Pinterest last year.

basket weave ribbon

This is so easy to create!  First, place the wider ribbons around the package.

Turn the package over and tape the end of the thinner ribbon.  It should be perpendicular to the wider ribbon.

Turn package right side up.  Begin weaving the thinner ribbon through the wider ribbon.  Once weaved through to the other side, secure with tape to the back of the package.

Repeat the same process but this time alternate where you begin weaving.

Continue alternating and weaving until you have covered the package.

basket weave ribbon

Doesn’t that look cool?  I’ve seen it done several ways.  This was the way my mind interpreted it.  You can even just do a corner weave pattern if you wish!  Experiment!  Try out different ribbons and patterns!  This can be modified to any color scheme or theme!

Wouldn’t this look adorable for Easter with some pretty pastel ribbon?  Can’t wait to try it!

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Until next time….

Happy Wrapping!



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