Apple Cider Cups

Hi there Create.Craft.Love readers! I’m Brandy from BD Design and I’m absolutely thrilled to be here sharing a delicious fall drink with you. While I’m still sweating it out in the blazing AZ heat, I know most of you are starting to pull out your cardigans and boots because FALL is at your doorstep! So jealous! Apple cider is a must when the weather becomes cool and crisp so today I want to share with you a yummy apple cider recipe. Then also how to make adorable apple cups for your cider. It’s all about presentation, right?  These Apple Cider Cups are perfect for fall!
1 cup apple juice
1 Tablespoon Torani Caramel Syrup
Dash of cinnamon
1 cinnamon stick
Warm up individually or double the recipe and warm up in a saucepan.
Now it’s time to make the APPLE CUPS:
1. Take a knife and cut a circle around the core.
2. Do you have a melon baller? It’s the best invention ever! Using a melon baller will make this project a cinch to do. If you don’t have a melon baller you can absolutely use a spoon. Carve out the apple but make sure you don’t make the apple to thin or it can drip out.
4. As soon as you have carve the inside of the apple, brush a little lemon juice on the inside so it doesn’t brown.
5. Pour your cider into the apple cup and enjoy!
Even though the temps are still in the 100’s at my house we are going to be drinking this cider every night in September! It’s that good.
I LOVE using the Torani syrups to make my beverages taste amazing. If you like Diet Coke (or Coke) and coconut, you have to try my DIRTY DIET COKE recipe! It’s so tasty!
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I just love these cute Apple Cider Cups!  What a fun idea!
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