About Me

Hi there!  I’m Jill and I’m the crafty master-mind behind Create.Craft.Love.  Welcome to my world!  I am a full time nurse practitioner turned
craft blogger extraordinaire!  My husband and I moved out of Nellyville (otherwise known as the STL) and relocated to SW Missouri!  We have a precocious 5 year old boy who is my reason for living!


Create.Craft.Love. is a craft/DIY blog that started as a New Year’s resolution in 2012.  (I only intended on posting once a week!)  It’s the creative outlet for my scientific mind and helps maintain my sanity.

I offer fun craft/DIY tutorials for Pinterest addicts, craft junkies, DIY fanatics and busy mamas.  I love trying out new crafts and materials – who doesn’t? Occasionally, I will throw a recipe into the mix but I am much better at ordering carry-out than making a meal.

Like “they” say (who exactly is “they”), blogging is cheaper than therapy and it has provided me with opportunities I never imagined.  I am a regular contributor at The 36th Avenue where I share a new craft tutorial every other month.  

If you are looking for craftiness with a dash of humor and a pinch of reality, look no further!  You can follow me via RSS or email.  All of this crafty blogginess has turned me into a social media junkie too.  You can find me on Pinterest, TwitterFacebook, Instagram and Google+.

I would love to hear from you!  Feel free to contact me at jillfritz126@gmail.com!