Garden Hose Spring Wreath

To say this is my favorite-ist wreath of all time is an understatement.  I have been longing to make this wreath for almost a year now!  I don’t garden.  I have a black thumb.  But if I could get something to grow half as pretty as this wreath, I would be thrilled!  This Garden Hose Spring Wreath screams SPRING!

Garden Hose Spring Wreath via #spring #wreath #garden

Wanna make your own Garden Hose Wreath?

Here’s what you need:

15 foot garden hose

Twist tie

Silk flowers

Butterfly clip

Garden gloves


Can you believe this garden hose was $7 at Wal-mart?  Seriously.  I was amazed by how light it is!

I started by coiling my hose and securing it with an extra large twist tie.



Trim the silk flowers {mine were bunched}.


Then I just randomly stuck the flowers into the twist tie until I liked how it looked.


Add the garden gloves.


And secure with ribbon!  {I just love this yellow ombre ribbon I found at Joann Fabric!}


This Garden Hose Spring Wreath took ten minutes – at most!  And I just adore it!

Garden Hose Spring Wreath via #spring #wreath #garden

I added this sweet little orange butterfly clip when I was finished.  Isn’t she pretty?

Garden Hose Spring Wreath via #spring #wreath #garden

I just love how bright these garden gloves are!  {Another Joann Fabric find!}

Garden Hose Spring Wreath via #spring #wreath #garden

Garden Hose Spring Wreath via #spring #wreath #garden

So what do you think?  Are you ready to get out in your garden now?


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  1. I totally see why you love this wreath– clever and cute, a great combination. Where’d you get the inspiration for this? I’d have never thought of putting a hose on my door as a wreath!

  2. How adorable and unique!

  3. This is so fun!

  4. Carol Birch says:

    What a great wreath! Can’t wait to make it. Unfortunately, here in Maine, we are awaiting 10-16 inches of snow tonight, so I think Spring may have to wait for a bit!

    • Jill @ Create.Craft.Love. says:

      UGH, Carol! 16 inches?? I bet this is normal for you guys though. Spring will be here soon. Maybe you should make it today to ward off the pending snowfall!! Thanks for stopping bY!

  5. Most favorite wreath EVER! You’re so creative Jill!!

  6. Absolutely adorable!

  7. Oh my gosh Jill this is so fantastic! I think this would be my most favorite-ist wreath, too :) Seriously, how clever. Ok, gotta go – heading to Wal-mart to pick up a hose and some silk flowers :)

  8. Love, love, love this idea!

  9. Julie @ Being Home says:

    LOL! Ha! Love this. With that kind of wreath, you are bound to have a beautiful green yard / garden! The garden fairies and gnomes love you. lol

    Jill, very, very creative! :D

  10. Super creative.. Love it!

  11. Goodness girl…. I love this!

  12. Too darn cute! I LOVE THIS! Thanks for shaing :)

  13. Speechless! I’m in love with this!

  14. Helen McMaster says:

    Absolutely adorable. I’m going make several. How clever of you.

  15. Love your garden hose wreath…I made 2 for my doors last year….love your version…Making more this year for my new potting bench area…they are so much fun!

  16. Shut the front door… or, garden gate! Ha! Anyway this is the cutest stinkin’ wreath I’ve seen for spring!! LOVE it! I can’t wait to copy and put it on my (future) garden gate next spring when our house is done. Great job, Jill! Pinned ;) xoxo

  17. This is seriously the cutest wreath I have ever seen…EVER!!!

  18. Absolutely adorable!! I love it!! I’m not ready for gardening (black thumb too), but I love the wreath!!

  19. You are so inventive! I absolutely love it. Megan

  20. I spy a trendsetter! lol Probably the most creative wreath I’ve ever seen! So cute!! Pinning for sure! :)

  21. That is SO cute and creative!!! I love it Jill! Pinned and shared on my Facebook page. Have a wonderful week!
    Jenn :)

  22. Absolutely adorable!!!! I love the simplicity and color! Looks like there’s some hose buying in my future! Great job!!

  23. Speechless!!! I so love the hose and gloves idea!! Don’t know how you could even think of using them. Thanks for sharing!

  24. I’ve seen the umbrella from Kelly, never the hose! This is so cute, you are so clever!

  25. That is the cutest spring wreath I have ever seen! No joke… I LOVE it!!

  26. Found your wreath at the It’s a Spring Thing blog hop. It is ADORABLE! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  27. SHUT UP WITH THE CUTENESS! This is way awesome, Jill. I saw something similar years ago in a Gooseberry Patch catalog and have always loved the idea {yours is even cuter by the way}. Love the idea of DIYing it. Awesomeness.

  28. Oh my dear friend, you are even more clever than I thought! This is GENIUS! SO cute!! Sharing everywhere! XO

  29. This is such a cute and creative idea! I love how it turned out!! I would love for you to come and link this up at our link party!

    Hugs & Smiles,


  30. That is so stinkin’ cute! I think I’ll make my mom one of these soon! She’s gonna love it;) Pinning and following!

    Jenny from

  31. That’s so cute and creative!

  32. This is one of the cutest, most unique wreaths I’ve ever seen!!! Great tutorial; I might be making one!

  33. What a fun idea! So Creative!

  34. This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

  35. That is so whimsical and creative!!!! I love this. I hope you will share it at my hop tomorrow xo P.S. did you get your entry in for my giveaway?

  36. Wow…that is cute! Never in a million years would I have thought to use a garden hose as a wreath form…your wreath definitely looks like it cost a lot more than it did to make…thanks for sharing the sources for the supplies! Makes it a lot easier for those of us that have to have one of our own!

  37. this is so stinkin’ cute. perfect for spring/summer, but i can totally see mother’s day gifts. love!

  38. This wreath is completely fantastic! Thanks for sharing at Time To Sparkle!

  39. I haven’t seen anything like it before- such a cute and fun wreath.

  40. I love it! It’s so unique and creative! I love the gloves!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  41. This is THE MOST Adorable Spring Wreath I have seen!! I absolutely love this and I know my readers would, too!! We have a weekly link up party at and we’d love to have you join us!! P.S. We are your newest FB like :)

  42. This is so cute!

  43. What a fun wreath and project, Jill!! I would love for you to share at my Tasty Thursdays linky party going on right now. Thanks, Nichi – The Mandatory Mooch

  44. You are SOOO clever Jill! I’m obsessed! :)

  45. Such a clever idea! Love the color of hose. Pinning it!

  46. That is really cute and original. I have pieces of hose we no longer use, Will make a great wreath for the back yard gate.

  47. This is seriously adorable!! I really love it! Great job! You’re so crafty!

  48. I don’t have words to tell you how cute I think this is! Definitely pinning for one of my next projects! I have a black thumb too…but I try occasionally. My stepmom rocks at it though–she definitely needs one of these!

  49. I love this wreath! It is so inventive and unique! This is an awesome project! I hope you will consider linking it up to the Pinworthy Projects Party over at my blog, Just Us Four.

  50. What a cute idea for a wreath! I have never seen anything like this, thanks for sharing. Stopping by from TT&J :)

  51. This is TOO CUTE!! Love it, Jill! :)

  52. Oh my goodness! I adore this wreath. I would LOVE to make one of these. I especially like the color combination. -Tabitha

  53. What a fun idea!

  54. Oh. My. Word. this is the cutest Spring wreath EVER! Do you think my gardener husband would notice if one of his hoses went missing? :)

    We’d love for you to share your posts at our Finished Friday blog party.

  55. Love it! How fun and creative.

  56. SOOO cute!!! Love everything about this!!! I love the hose and the fake flowers so it can be outside all the time. brilliant!!! Hope you can come join my tuesday link party with this next week!

  57. This is soooo cute! Pinned!!!

  58. What an incredibly creative take on a springy wreath! This is just gorgeous. Thanks for linking it up to Monday Funday!

  59. Wow what a great idea! A really unique wreath-lovin’ it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  60. thanks for linking to Tasteful Tuesdays! I would LOVE for you to add my party to your page :o) See you at the party again this week!

  61. I absolutely LOVE this wreath. It just makes me want to browse the lawn & garden section at Wal-Mart for good ideas. Thanks for posting!

  62. Hey Jill, what an awesome wreath. It looks so simple but really makes a statement!

  63. You know this is my favorite wreath on the planet…featuring at this week’s KOSO party!

  64. Hi lovely lady.
    Your Spring Wreath is Beautiful great Idea… XXOO Diane

  65. This is the most adorable wreath!!! Pinned it!

  66. ok, this is fabulous and oh so clever!! found you at lil luna’s features (I got a feature, too;)

  67. As a gardener, I think this is perfect for spring….and summer! Pinned it!!

  68. Thank you so much for sharing this great idea and easy-peasy tutorial! I just HAD to share it!

  69. I love this idea! I’ve got to pin it to a DIY board I know :) So clever :)
    Thank you so much for partying with me last week, can’t wait to see more!
    I will be featuring you tonight!

  70. Just googled “hose wreath”… by far yours is the best! Colorful, simple, fun – I love it. Others were way over done with stuff. Way to go!

  71. Bethany says:

    Love this! Perfect for spring & so original!

  72. This is SO fresh and FUN! I’m including this in a 5 for Friday roundup of new spring door decor ideas on my blog tomorrow, with one pic and a link back to this post. GREAT job on this girl! Keep it up!

  73. So cute Jill! I shared one made with an old hose a few years ago! Such a fun idea for spring!

    Thanks for linking up! I featured your post in my wrap up

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  74. Now this is adorable.

  75. I am so going to do this…how simple & CUTE!!! So creative- Thanks for sharing.

  76. Nancy T says:

    Love it!!! I’ve been looking for something spring-y that is not Easter. Will be sure to do this for gifts too! Thanks for sharing :)

  77. Brilliant! Love the color palette!

  78. I can’t even tell you how much I love this Spring wreath! It’s so adorable!

    You’ve been featured at Love Grows Wild today:

    xoxo Liz

  79. This is so cute!! Love it! I was featured along with you over at Love Grows Wild today! Just wanted to say Hello~

  80. Wow this is so creative – I LOVE it! I actually just included it on a spring wreath roundup on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

  81. I LOVE THIS!! And have been itching to make it since I saw it featured on Artsy-Fartsy Mama! Got my garden hose today and flowers!! Can’t wait to get it on my door! Thanks!!

  82. I don’t see much that is original and clever at the same time. This does it in spades. Hey wait- there’s probably a cute use of garden spades I could come up with. Hahahah

  83. I love your spring hose wreath! It does scream spring. Love all the bright colors too. Visiting from The North End Loft’s Friday Finds! ~ Jamie

  84. Jill, Love it too, what a great and easy project. I have to tell you, I’ve been looking for the right color for my front door and I love ,love, love, the color of your door. Can you tell me what it is. I want to try and get shutters the same color as well! Thanks!


  85. Very cute. I have been looking for new ideas for front door decorations to change every month – this is sooooooooooooo cute! Thanks

  86. Lizbert says:

    Getting ready to make mine tonight. I absolutely love it!

    • Jill @ Create.Craft.Love. says:

      Eek! so excited! Post a pic on my FB page so I can see how it turns out!

  87. this is seriously my favorite wreath ever! i love this.

  88. This is absolutely adorable! Your Tip Me Tuesday link is incredible this week! In fact, my readers would love to bookmark it in their craft rooms. Did you know that if you upload this blog post into your Tip Junkie craft room using at least 2 images, 2 steps, and blog post URL then Tip Junkie readers can favorite it which instantly bookmarks it so they can find it later? {Whoohoo!} ~ Laurie {a.k.a. the Tip Junkie}

  89. Totally love this, very creative. I too, have a black thumb!

  90. Hi Jill – just came across this blog post as I was searching for spring wreath projects to feature in our spring newsletter, Ruby for Women. I included a link back here to your blog to encourage our readers and followers to visit you. It should be posted on our blog by April 1 at Please let me know if you would like us to feature any of your other craft projects in an upcoming newsletter. Thanks so much, Nina @ Ruby for Women

  91. Making one for my storage shed door,located in the back of my yard beside my one garden… will look cute and rich!

  92. What a clever, unique wreath! It is simply beautiful and I love it!



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