Washi Tape Halloween Frame

 Is anyone getting sick of Halloween yet?  I hope not because I have a super easy and quick project for you today!  My Washi Tape Halloween Frame is perfect for displaying pictures of your cute little ones in their Halloween best!

Create your own Washi Tape Halloween Frame!  Tutorial at createcraftlove.com


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    SO cute Jill!! I just did a washi tape pumpkin and loved it for the exact same reasons. Took literally 5 minutes and I can switch it out any time I want. Beautiful job!!

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    Hey Jill…how sweet is this frame? I do love those glittery spiders…the chevron washi tape is just killer….I have this weird thing about washi tape that even though I want to use it I’m too cheap to waste it…so I don’t use…crazy right? thanks for sharing with us….talk to you soon…xo Lucy

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    This is just adorable! And no, I’m not getting sick of Halloween projects yet! hehe. You lined up that chevron perfectly, wow that must have taken a lot of patience! And the glittery spiders are so cute, I actually just bought some myself! Thanks for sharing this week :)

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    This looks great! I love the washi tape! I was thinking about making a scrapbook to bring out each year for Halloween pictures. This would be perfect for the cover! hmmmmm!

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    This is awesome! I have actually never used washi tape before, but I’ve been seeing it anywhere. What a cool idea! You could decorate so many different things with it! Thanks for sharing. :) Visiting from Serenity Now.

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    Okay, that is beautiful. I love it. I’m a huge PYP fan, too, but I missed the Washi tape deal while my laptop was out for service.

    I can’t wait to go grab some awesome seasonally colored washi tape to re-create this! Love love love.

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    I’m not sick of Halloween projects yet because I haven’t even started on any! I’m horrible, I know. But you are awesome! And full of great projects :) I’m loving every single one! Thanks for linking up to Throwback Thursday :)


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