Cupid’s Arrow Valentine’s Day Wreath

This Cupid’s Arrow Valentine’s Day Wreath is my favorite project to date!  I am working on a flurry of projects at the moment so stay tuned!  In the meantime, I’ve been a bit Valentine obsessed.  I saw a wreath very similar to this on Pinterest and had to have it!  This Valentine’s Day Wreath is my most recent addition!

Cupid's Arrow Valentine's Day Wreath at #valentinesday #wreath

Wanna make your own Cupid’s Arrow Valentine’s Day Wreath?

Here’s what you need:
Heart shaped foam wreath form
Dawl rod
Red felt
Hot glue
I bought a foam heart wreath from the craft store and wrapped it in yarn.  I chose this natural yarn to give the wreath a rustic feel.  Then I pierced it with a dawl rod and added the felt embellishments to top off the arrow!  I had some ribbon laying around so I added that to the complete the look!
Isn’t it adorable?   I love how rustic it looks!
Total time: 2 hours (yarn wrapping takes some time)
Cost:  $10
I am loving all of your projects!  Have you made a Valentine’s Day wreath yet?  Leave a comment with the link so I can check it out!





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