Valentine Exchange Wrap Up

I know Valentine’s Day is still two days away, but I just want to give a shout out to everyone that participated in the Valentine Exchange!  It was such a blast!  I think we may have kept the post office in business!  {wink wink}  I wanted to share some fun stats in our Valentine Exchange Wrap Up!

First of all, did you see the “Stuck on You” Valentines I made for these lovely ladies?  If you missed it, click here.  I’m super excited with how they turned out!

Washi Tape Valentines via #valentines #washitape

I have had so much fun coming home every day and seeing my mailbox filled with Valentines from people all over the country!  I’m going to be kind of sad when this is over and the mail stops.  It’s nice to know that someone you’ve never met took time out of their busy day to make you smile!  {insert big smile here}

One of my readers is going to use the Valentine Exchange as an opportunity to teach her niece a geography lesson.  That got me thinking…  I wanted to show you all how far your Valentines traveled!  The picture below shows a red stick pin for each participant.  {The red star in Canada is the one I sent Sarah from Becoming Martha since she couldn’t participate.}

Valentine Exchange Wrap Up at #valentineexchange

Are you ready for some fun statistics?

Number of participants:  43

Number of states participating:  20

State with most participants:  Texas

Furthest distance:  5840 miles {Ewa Beach, Hawaii to Johnston, Rhode Island}

Here is a fun Valentine’s Day graphic I found on



Hope you all have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!!  I am looking forward to doing this again next year!




  1. Karie says

    I have had a blast with the Valentine exchange! Every day it is my grandson’s job to check the mail for me and I think he has been more excited then me and that is hard to do….I have received around 20 so far and they have all been so lovely! I feel kind of bad that mine were not homemade like everyone elses – however my grandson helped me pick them out, get them ready and mail them so having that was quite fun!

    Thanks for hosting such a fun idea and honestly I think it might be fun to do something in the future with the same group…Something to think about!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Jill @ Create.Craft.Love. says

      I am just so happy to get mail! I don’t care if they were handmade or not. Thanks so much for participating! =)

  2. says

    I agree, this has been awesome! There really is something about getting snail mail that just makes one happy, I think :) My boys have been enjoying opening envelopes with me- next year I’ll use THEIR name to sign up 😉 Thanks again Jill, for all your efforts!

  3. Tammy says

    So much love. Each one so unique and special. Thank you Everyone and Happy Valentines. Look forward to doing this again next year.

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