Stamped Gift Wrap

I love how magical this time of year is for kids, young and old.  As a child, I remember being so confused that Mom’s handwriting was on the gifts from Santa.  Her explanation was that he is so busy that he asks each parent to write out gift tags to save him time.  {Honestly, it made total sense to my 7 year old self.}  But it got me thinking, how do I bypass having to explain this to Reed someday?  That’s where my Stamped Gift Wrap comes in handy!

stamped gift wrap

I chose to display this on brown paper but you can easily use gift tags or cards for the same effect!

The alphabet stamp set was another Pick Your Plum!  {So glad I did!}  You can purchase your own alphabet stamp set at Michael’s or any other craft store if you weren’t lucky enough to pick this plum.  The ink and image stamps I grabbed out of the dollar bin in Wal-mart’s craft section.

stamped gift wrap

I LOVE this way this looks!  And it truly does disguise the handwriting – keeping the magic real for just a little while longer.

 Not to mention, it’s totally trendy and crafty which I happen to love!

stamped gift wrap

Or you can reveal who you are – but playing Santa is a little more fun!

This Stamped Gift Wrap would also be great for older kids helping Mom and Dad out with the littles.

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Happy wrapping!


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