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Sorry for the lack of crafting this week but I swear I had a good excuse.  I just got back from THE most amazing conference I’ve ever attended!  What started out as a small group meetup in Utah has turned into the creative event of the year!  Most of the creative blogging community knows about SNAP!, but for you lay people out there, here is my SNAP! recap.  I’ll just hit on some of the highlights!!

SNAP! recap via #snapconf

I have been looking forward to this week since I booked my SNAP! ticket last September!  The fabulous Kelly from Live.Laugh.Rowe was my travel partner!  We flew into Salt Lake City on Wednesday morning and met up with Abbey from The Cards We Drew and Jenn from Clean and Scentsible.  Thankfully, I rented a car and we were able to toodle around SLC.  We ate at the Red Iguana {best guac ever!} and went thrifting.  Then we headed out to Thanksgiving Point to let the festivities begin!

The Venue

Thanksgiving Point just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah played host to SNAP! again this year.  We were lucky enough to be there during their annual Tulip Festival!

SNAP recap via #snapconf

Talk about inspiration!

SNAP recap via #snapconf

Pajama Party

Jen from Tatertots and Jello was in charge of the big crafty slumber party!  She did a great job pulling it all together!  {The peanut butter cookies were to die for!}  We had a great time crafting, eating, laughing and picture taking.

SNAP recap via #snapconf

SNAP recap via #snapconf

SNAP recap via #snapconf

SNAP recap via #snapconf

Snappy Doors

Part of the fun this year was the Snappy Doors contest!  Everyone who stayed at the Springhill Suites had the opportunity to decorate their door for a chance to win shop credit at the Queen Bee Market!  Here are some of the awesome doors on my floor!

SNAP recap via #snapconf

SNAP recap via #snapconf

That awesome Instagram door won!!

Queen Bee Market

I often attend craft fairs/shows here in Missouri and they always fail to meet the expectations I set for them in my head.  They are mostly filled with Silver Dollar City type crafts.  You know the ones I mean – crocheted tea towels and stained glass night lights.  {sorry – just being honest}  THIS is what I have always expected to see!  The organizers and vendors went above AND beyond!  Once I spent $100 I had to cut myself off!  There was just too many cute things!  I could have bought all of it!  Thankfully, most of these vendors can be found online.  I will slowly let myself accumulate the rest of the goodies I saw.  :)

SNAP recap via #snapconf

SNAP recap via #snapconf

Snappy Friends

The classes and events were out of this world but my favorite part was meeting so many amazing people!  It was like being in college again.  We stayed up entirely too late for my old butt.  We talked, laughed, and shared.  Who knew you could make so many friends so fast?  I had the chance to meet up with some of my best bloggy friends face to face and connect with new ones!  The people are what make this conference extraordinary – from the team to my roommates.

SNAP recap via #snapconf

We attended classes together and learned new and better ways to create and share with YOU, our readers!  I was lucky enough to room with my besties – Meredith from Wait Til Your Father Gets Home, Sarah from Becoming Martha, and Barbara from Chase the Star.  I also had so great neighbors including Kelly from Live.Laugh.Rowe., Cheryl from That’s What Che Said, Jessica from Mom 4 Real, Jen from 4 Marrs and One Venus, and Natalie from A Turtle’s Life.  For everyone not listed, I love you and it was a pleasure connecting with and meeting all of you!

I could go on about SNAP! forever…

If you want to see more behind the scenes pics, check out my Instagram feed!  Click here!

I wish I could say I came back energized and ready to jump into practicing all of the bloggy things I learned, but I’m exhausted!  My poor email has been neglected and comments are waiting to be approved but I wouldn’t trade one second of SNAP! to be caught up!  I have tons of great ideas to share with you so stay tuned next week for more!!




  1. says

    YAY! Great recap… I’m still incredibly exhausted too. I’m lucky to have you local, but it was a blast getting to meet everybody else. HUGS!!

  2. says

    I want to go so bad! It’s weird seeing some of my favorite bloggers all together….blogging is neat because it makes this big world feel smaller :)

    • Jill @ Create.Craft.Love. says

      I totally agree, Amy! It felt more like meeting up with old friends! Hope you get to go sometime! It’s totally worth it!

  3. says

    Oh my goodness! I love these! I was telling Matt that I was so ready to be home, but so sad to leave my new friends that truly get me. I had the best time ever getting to know you…LOVE YOU!!!! SB!

  4. says

    Jill, I just love your easy going, fun sweetness! For real, I want to be your roommate next year! Put me on the waiting list! It was great to meet you- I will be keeping up with you better than ever now for sure :)

    • Jill @ Create.Craft.Love. says

      Awwww! You are too cute, Sky! I loved getting to meet you in real life! We have to hang out more next year!!

    • Jill @ Create.Craft.Love. says

      So good to meet you too, Natalie! Hope you are feeling more rested now! =)


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