Create Your Own Shoot and Scrap Station

This Shoot and Scrap Station was a huge hit!  Have you seen the photo guestbooks that people are using at weddings?  Apparently, Fuji makes an instant camera similar to Polaroid.  {BTW – did you know that Polaroid no longer exists?  Anyway, I digress).  My sister has a friend who recently did this at her wedding so we decided to borrow her camera for the party!  So Jennifer and I created this Shoot and Scrap Station to commemorate the party!

Create Your Own Shoot and Scrap Station at #partyideas

Now the problems:
A.)  Finding film for a camera you do not have in front of you is not an easy task.  {My sister lives in North Carolina and had the camera.}
B.)  The specific albums made for the camera have been discontinued!  Grrrrrr….. {The albums had pretty little pockets to put the pictures and an area to write a message.}

So I had to get a little creative…  Michaels to the rescue!

I purchased a 12×12 scrapbook with paper pages, some photo corners, and paint pens.  You can also purchase whatever embellishments you wish to dress up the page.

Create Your Own Shoot and Scrap Station at #partyideas

I also made this cute little sign letting people know what to do!

Create Your Own Shoot and Scrap Station at #partyideas

I thought it would be cute to make some paper moustaches on my handy dandy Cameo for people to use in the pictures.  And I found some stick on moustaches from Party City too!  It was a riot!  People loved it!  And the memories that my dad’s aunts and uncles shared were hysterical!!

Create Your Own Shoot and Scrap Station at #partyideas

Luckily, there are plenty of pages left for my dad to add pictures from the party!  It is the perfect memory of the day!

Have you ever created a Shoot and Scrap station or photo booth for a party?




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