Shoebox Fabric Sign

This shoebox fabric sign was born out of desperation.  I wanted to make something for the photobooth area but I didn’t have a lot of time. To spruce up the photobooth area, I made this cute sign!  Extra fabric from the bunting plus old shoebox and some ribbon = cheap, adorable Shoebox Fabric Sign!

Shoebox Fabric Sign at #sign #cardboard

Wanna make your own Shoebox Fabric Sign?

Here’s what you need:

2 coordinating fabrics
Glue gun
Chipboard letters (or cut them out with your diecut machine)
Coordinating ribbon

1.  I used two old shoeboxes (one bigger than the other) to use as the background layers.  I cut the sides off of both

IMG_0348 copy
2.  Starting with the larger piece, I cut the fabric slightly larger than the cardboard piece (make it about 2 inches bigger all the way around).

IMG_0350 copy

3.  Cut out the corners (makes it easier to cover).
IMG_0351 copy

4.  Then hot glue the fabric to the cardboard.  Be sure to let the side you glue dry first.  That way you can pull it taut from the other side.  Continue gluing all the way around the cardboard until it’s wrapped.  It will look like this when finished.


IMG_0354 copy

5.  Repeat steps 2 through 4 on the smaller piece.

6.  Then glue the smaller piece onto the center of the larger piece.

IMG_0355 copy
7.  I had some chipboard letters laying around and spelled out “smile” and hot glued them to the smaller piece.  (Originally I wanted to spell “photobooth” but I didn’t have enough “h’s”.)
IMG_0356 copy
8.  Add some ribbon to hang and you are all done!
Shoebox Fabric Sign at #sign #cardboard

This is such a fun and simple project!  You could do all sorts of different things with this.  I am thinking about one for the little guy’s room!  {Did I mention this Shoebox Fabric Sign literally cost me nothing to make?  Had all the supplies laying around the house!}

Have you had to get resourceful when decorating?  What are your “go-to” tips?




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