Pom Pom Gift Wrap

As many of you know, I purchased a pom pom maker a couple of weeks ago.  {LOL}  It is my new favorite toy!  You can make the pom poms so fast!  And they are super easy to do.  I used it to make this adorable Indoor Snowball Fight which has been a big hit!  Now, I’ve taken it one step further and introduced my own Pom Pom Gift Wrap!

pom pom gift wrap

For directions on how to make your own poms without the Pom Pom maker, head over to Pinterest.  There are TONS of pom pom tutorials.

I bought this festive red and green yarn at Wal-mart.  The multi-colored one is my fave!  Pulls everything together nicely!

{They had some adorable minky like yarn too but I was worried the poms wouldn’t hold together.}

I wrapped the yarn around my package and then added my pom pom embellishments!

The good news – I was able to photograph these little beauties.

The bad news – once I finished, Reed demolished them.  =(

At least I have the pictures to help me get through the nights of crying ahead.  {wink wink}

pom pom gift wrap

Too bad I can’t crochet, I could totally deck out some gift wrap!

Until next time,

Happy Wrapping!




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