Patriotic Pinwheel Garland

I’m swooning over my Patriotic Pinwheel Garland!  It is so darn cute and festive (if I don’t say so myself)!   Not only is it cute, but this Patriotic Pinwheel Garland is simple and easy to make as well!  Let me show you how!
Patriotic Pinwheel Garland via #pinwheels #garland #fourthofjuly

Wanna make your own Patriotic Pinwheel Garland?

Here’s what you need:
Exacto knife
Start by cutting your cardstock into 5 inch by 5 inch squares.

Mark a three inch line starting at each corner diagonally towards the center.

Cut along the lines.

Using the Exacto knife, make an “X” in the middle.  Then make one slit on every other corner (you will put your brads through these holes).

Fold one corner towards the middle and place the brad through the slit you made on that corner.

Gather the remaining corners onto the brad.

Stick all four corners through the “X” in the middle.

Spread the arms of the brad to secure.

That’s it!  Only took me an episode of Little Einsteins to make 15 pinwheels.

Now stringing them together was a different story.  Originally, I just wrapped my string in a figure eight around the arms of the brad.  When I hung it up, they all fell forward.  Too top heavy.

So I took a second piece of string and taped the top arm to it.  That’s why you can see two strings in the picture.

{The white thread I used is light enough that you can’t see it unless you are standing right next to it.}

Patriotic Pinwheel Garland via #pinwheels #garland #fourthofjuly
Patriotic Pinwheel Garland via #pinwheels #garland #fourthofjuly

If anyone figures out a better way to string the pinwheels together, let me know!




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    Ooohhh…thank you SO much for the great tutorial!! I am going to be doing some crafting this weekend and this is definitely on my list now! Thanks!!

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    Where did you get the star brads? That totally pull together the whole pinwheel (literally and figuratively). We made pinwheels similar to those in my son’s kindergarten class and I couldn’t believe how easy they were. I didn’t even think about using them for decorative purposes! Great job!


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