Glass Etch Vinyl Wall Art

This Glass Etch Vinyl Wall Art was easy and quick to create without the hassle of the etching cream! via

Sponsored by Expressions Vinyl I bought a gorgeous old window over 2 years ago with the goal of glass etching our family name.  But have you ever bought glass etching cream?  OMG.  It's so expensive!  I think the small bottle is $13.  In order to make the piece I had in mind, it was going to cost me close to $45 in etching cream!  That's crazy.  Thankfully, they make glass etch vinyl.  I have … READ MORE

Outdoor Fun Kits

Outdoor Fun Kits to keep the kids busy this summer! via for 30 Days!

This post originally appeared on Thirty Handmade Days on June 16, 2015. Consider this your sanity saver.  Portable summer party in a tote!  We throw cookouts for the family throughout the summer.  I wanted something to entertain the kids while the adults visited and ate.  These little Outdoor Fun Kits include all of the kids' favorite things to do in the summer! I found these little plastic … READ MORE

No Bake Bumblebee Oreos

These No Bake Bumblebee Oreos are so easy to make! via

It has been so rainy in SW MO!  We have had to spend a lot of time indoors because we are experiencing record rainfall.  My usual summer boredom busters have been exhausted because we haven't been able to play outside.  The other day Reed wanted to bake a dessert.  We came up with these No Bake Bumblebee Oreos and they were a huge hit!  Not to mention, they are adorable! You only need three … READ MORE

DIY Straw Toppers

Add flare to your next summer gathering with these easy to make DIY Straw Toppers! via for The 36th Avenue

This post originally appeared on The 36th Avenue on June 16, 2015. Do you guys remember when I shared my Cupcake Liner Lei a couple weeks back?  Well I decided to use those flowers and make these cute DIY Straw Toppers!  These are super easy to whip up and will add a little flare to your summer gathering! All you need is scissors, cupcake liners, paper straw, hot glue gun and washi … READ MORE

Water Balloon Olympics Free Printables

water balloon olympics

Did you guys catch my Water Balloon Olympics post from Monday?  OMG.  So much fun!  This is a great way to get the kids outside and beat the heat!  With those new Balloon Bonanza things I see popping up on TV, you can pull this party idea together in no time!  I've even included these Water Balloon Olympics Free Printables!! The download pack includes the cute main signage and each individual … READ MORE