Firecracker Rag Wreath

My Firecracker Rag Wreath is sure to add a little “POP” to your Fourth of July decor!  I had seen rag wreaths before on Pinterest, but never attempted one myself.  I am so glad I did!  This Firecracker Rag Wreath was fun to make!
I found an awesome tutorial at Sassy Sanctuary to create this look!  Truth be told, this was pretty time intensive.  I spent about two hours double knotting all these strips of fabric to the wire floral ring.
The firecrackers were inspired by Mrs. Stewart herself!  Martha had these cute firecracker candy favors and I knew I wanted to incorporate them into my Fourth of July decor.  {I adapted her tutorial to fit the wreath.}
Here’s what you need:
White tissue paper
Empty toilet paper rolls
Spray adhesive
Martha’s printable (to use a template)
Scrapbook paper (of your choosing)
Baker’s twine
Hot glue gun

I started by cutting out Martha’s printable and tracing it on the back of my scrapbook paper and set aside.

Take a piece of white tissue paper and spray it with the spray adhesive.

Roll of the toilet paper roll.

Twist the tissue paper on one end of the roll and secure with baker’s twine.

Stuff the other end into the roll.

Take the rectangular shaped piece of scrapbook paper that you cut out and spray the back with the spray adhesive.  Roll the scrapbook paper around it just as you did with the tissue paper.

Set aside.  Take the other piece you cut out and bring the sides together to make a cone.

 Apply hot glue around the rim of the end that is stuffed and attach the cone.

These were so easy to make and I love how they make the wreath “pop”!

Firecracker Rag Wreath via #wreath #fourthofjuly

To complete the wreath, I painted some wooden stars and hot glued them to the baker’s twine.

Firecracker Rag Wreath via #wreath #fourthofjuly
Firecracker Rag Wreath via #wreath #fourthofjuly
Firecracker Rag Wreath via #wreath #fourthofjuly
I adore this wreath!  Even the hubs said it was his favorite thus far!
Do you decorate for the Fourth of July?
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    Oh, so smart and fun and smart and fun… =)

    Visiting and following ya from the hop. If you’d like we’re linking up with friends today in the most simply easy way. Come join us. =)


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    Hi Jill! I found this wonderful wreath at Not JUST A Housewife’s Show Me What Ya Got party. I love it and can’t wait to get started on one for me. I think the addition of the rockets is brilliant. Thanks for sharing!

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    I love this! I saw firecrackers like this and was going to make some to put on my mantel and now I’ll have to make some for a wreath too! Found you on Two Sasters.

  4. says

    Adorable! And easy too. I’m looking for some crafts to bring when I visit my girlfriend as she is recovering from a mastectomy…she will love this!


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