Fabric Bunting

Who doesn’t love fabric bunting?  The possibilities are endless!  Whether you are decorating for a holiday, party, or nursery, this can add to the ambiance.  I’ve created a tutorial with my handy dandy Cameo!  (You don’t have to have a Cameo to complete this project.  I am just a little addicted to mine and use it for virtually EVERYTHING!)  I’m going to show you an easy peasy way to create your own Fabric Bunting!

 Fabric Bunting at createcraftlove.com #sewing #bunting

Wanna create your own Fabric Bunting?

Here’s what you need:

Cutting mat
Acrylic ruler
Rotary cutter or Exacto knife
Sewing machine
Cameo/cardstock (optional)

IMG_0284 copy
1.  To begin, I used my Cameo to create a template.  (Obviously you don’t need your Cameo for this.  I just wanted it to be precise!)
IMG_0286 copy
2.  Choose your favorite fabric to use.  {I chose black, white and yellow because I’m kinda crushing on that combo at the moment.}  I used the triangle template and cut out all the fabric.  How much you need depends on what size space you want to fill.  I cut out 12 triangles of each fabric and had PLENTY left over.
IMG_0287 copy

 IMG_0288 copy

IMG_0289 copy
3.  Plan how you want to arrange the triangles.  (I didn’t want the black and white patterns next to each other.  So I placed the yellow every other and alternated the black and white patterns.)
4.  To bind together, I used 1.5 inch wide white ribbon.   Make sure you leave enough for a “tail”.   I placed the fabric on and folded the ribbon over and pinned.
IMG_0296 copy

IMG_0298 copy

5.  Next I used my sewing machine to stitch it together.
IMG_0291 copy
6.  After it was all stitched together, I ironed it so it looked nice and pretty!

Fabric Bunting at createcraftlove.com #sewing #bunting

Stay tuned to see how I use it!  =)
Have you made fabric bunting to use as decor?


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    I have seriously never seen such a cute fabric bunting banner! I love how it looks with your “live well….” plaque!!

    New follower from the blog hop! Following via twitter, facebook, and GFC. Can’t wait to hear more from you!!

    Also, I LOVE your blog design!
    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies

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      Hi Brie! Thanks so much for following me! I am now following you as well! Just so you know, I fixed me links – they should all work appropriately now!

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    Jill, you blog is adorable and I appreciate you linking up your darling banner! Love the colors:) Have a great weekend!!

    Karen@Pocket Full of Pink

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