Decorating Easter Eggs with Crayola

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I dread dying Easter eggs.  Like seriously.  I dislike the whole process.  I am an instantaneous gratification type of gal.  Hard boiling the eggs, waiting for the to cool, trying to keep my fingers from being a rainbow of color.  The whole thing is exhausting.  Have no fear!  I have some super easy and fun ways to help you!  Try creating and decorating Easter Eggs with Crayola Colors!

 Try creating and decorating your Easter Eggs with Crayola Colors! #ColorfulCreations #CollectiveBias #shop

Winter still has southwest Missouri in her tight grasp and we care experiencing one heck of an ice storm as I write this post.  While at Wal-mart stocking up on bread, milk and other staples, I headed over to the Crayola aisle to pick up some boredom busters. {Thank you, #CollectiveBias!}


I settled on the Crayola 96ct. Crayons, Crayola 24ct. Sidewalk Chalk and Crayola 10ct Washable Kid’s Paint and some plastic eggs for our Easter egg project.


Hidden Message Eggs with Crayons

 These Hidden Message Eggs are super fun to create!  Start by writing your message on your egg with a white Crayola crayon.


Then paint over the egg and crayon with the Crayola Washable Paint.  After the egg is covered, buff with a clean paper towel to create a “dyed” egg look!  This will reveal the hidden message!



Erasable Chalkboard Eggs

For these eggs, I simply painted the plastic eggs with chalkboard paint and started playing around with the sidewalk chalk!



And now Reed’s creation…

Painted Tie Dye Eggs

These little guys turned out to be a fortuitous mistake!  I asked Reed to rinse his paint brush between colors.  While the Crayola Washable Paint is still wet and the paintbrush has water on it, it create these cool Painted Tie Dye eggs!

 Try creating and decorating your Easter Eggs with Crayola Colors! #ColorfulCreations #CollectiveBias #shop


The possibilities are endless when using Crayola for these #ColorfulCreations!

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What creative methods do you use for decorating Easter Eggs?


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  1. says

    I am so excited to see these fun ideas that are not traditional egg dye. With little ones it is such an ordeal to use the dip and dye method. This is going to be more fun AND easy to clean up! YAY! #client

    • Jill @ Create.Craft.Love. says

      Ugh – I HATE dye! These were so much easier to manage! And fun to come up with! Thanks for stopping by, Katie!

  2. says

    Why haven’t I thought of something like this before?? so clever
    I especially love the chalk idea–can’t wait to try, thanks for sharing

  3. QueenB says

    Are these eggs blown and just for decoration?
    Are they hard boiled then decorated?

    If they are done on Holy Saturday and we leave them for the Easter bunny to hide in our garden, when we find them on Easter Sunday, can we have our traditional egg cracking competition and then peel the decorated shells off and use the hard boiled eggs for breakfast?
    This is what we do with our usual dyed ones, follows the Dutch tradition.

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