Craft Swag Bag

The Craft Swag Bag is full of goodies!  And what would a craft swag bag giveaway be without the tutorial for said bag?  I wanted to make something that would be sturdy enough for craft supplies but cute enough to use if you were going out!
Craft Swag Bag via #sewing #tote

Wanna make your own Craft Swag Bag?

Here’s what you need:
Coordinating fabrics & thread
Sewing machine
Hot glue gun
Cut two pieces for the main bag measuring 13 inches by 15 inches.  Cut two pieces for the straps measuring 4 inches by 24 inches.

Iron in half and make a crease.  Unfold.  Fold one edge to the crease line and iron again.

Then fold the other edge to the crease line and iron again.

Fold in half and iron, yet again.  Repeat the process for the other strap.  Set aside.


Taking your fabric for the body of the bag, fold the top edge down – measuring 1/2 inch.  Iron in place.  Fold over again and iron again.  Repeat for other piece.

Sew open edge of each strap.  (Be sure to stay close to the edge.  I set it up to be half way through the hole of my footer.)  Set aside.

Take the bag pieces.  Sew along the edge (just like you did with the straps).

Sew another seam at the bottom of the fold.  (I used 1/2 inch mark on the sewing machine.)

Place the pattern sides together and pin around the three remaining sides.  (Leaving the top open – obviously.)

Sew around the bag.  (Again, used the 1/2 inch marker.)

Sorry for the blurry picture!  But you get the idea…

Now you are going to pin the straps to the bag.  Be care to only pin to one side of the bag or you will sew the top shut!  (Stupid mistake that I made but at least I’m honest…LOL)  I measured 4 inches from the each side and that was how I decided where to place the straps.

Then I made a silly blogger mistake and didn’t take a picture of me sewing the straps ONTO the bag.  Following the seams on the fold of the bag, stitch the straps.  I backstitched over it as well to make it stronger.  Do this on both seams.  Repeat with other strap.

Craft Swag Bag via #sewing #tote
Craft Swag Bag via #sewing #tote

What I learned:

1.  To pin the straps and sew the seam at the same time.  I was able to line it up pretty well but it would make it look a little nicer.

2.  To finish the look of the straps, I should have top stitched the other edge.  I think it looks good this way too but it would complete the look.

Overall, I am pretty happy with how it turned out!  Just imagine all the uses for this bag!  Wouldn’t it be cute for gardening too?

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