Butterfly Shadow Box

This Butterfly Shadow Box is easy to make!  Last week, I created a Facebook page for Create.Craft.Love.  I posted it into my profile and only ONE person liked it!  So I told Miss Jessica (my registered medical assistant at my office) that I would make her anything she wanted since she was the first and only person to like the page.  She showed me two different projects and ended up only picking one.  The other project was so cute that I had to make it too!  I’ll show you how I easily put this Butterfly Shadow Box together!

Butterfly Shadow Box via createcraftlove.com #butterfly #shadowbox #specimenart

Here’s what you need:
Patterned paper
Shadow box
Glue stick
Glue gun

I found this shadow box on sale at Michael’s for $4!

I began by taking the back off my shadow box and tracing it on some white cardstock.  (The shadow box background was black.)  Then I cut out the tracing and hot glued it to the backing.

Set aside.  Then I broke out my new best friend – the Cameo!  I downloaded this awesome 3D butterfly image from the Silhouette store.  Reduce the image by 50% so they are small enough to fit in the shadow box.  I used 12 different papers so they were all unique.  Then I glued just the inside of the butterfly to the white paper (adhered to the backing) and fluffed up their wings.
Measure and space out your butterflies.
Butterfly Shadow Box via createcraftlove.com #butterfly #shadowbox #specimenart
Butterfly Shadow Box via createcraftlove.com #butterfly #shadowbox #specimenart
I love how springy and feminine this looks!  Makes me wish winter was over already!
Butterfly Shadow Box via createcraftlove.com #butterfly #shadowbox #specimenart
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    Picking up on that hint 😉 Had I been on your page last week, I definitely would have! LOL The butterfly shadowboxes are adorable, btw. They would go great in my daughter’s room!

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    It should work now! I edited the link. Go to my Contacts page and the Facebook link is available now! =) Maybe that’s why no one was linking up! LOL

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    So pretty! Love the 3D-ness. I was hoping to find a template that I could steal to make my own, I don’t have a Silhouette. Darn Silhouette, why do you have to haunt my dreams! hehe Great job!

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