Burlap Birdies

I saw these adorable Burlap Birdies at Joann Fabric not too long ago.  They had the cutest little wire legs and such a pretty felt flower in place of a wing.  I just thought they would look adorable in an Easter basket and I love the challenge of recreating things!  My version of the Burlap Birdies can be whipped up in no time at all!

Burlap Birdies via createcraftlove.com #burlap #easter #easterbaskets

Wanna make your own Burlap Birdies?

Here’s what you need:


Sewing machine

Polyfil stuffing




Floral wire

DMC embroidery floss

I freehanded a simple bird profile on some white cardstock to use as a stencil.


I cut out my “stencil”.  Using a piece of burlap folded in half, I traced my bird onto the burlap.  Keeping it folded, I cut out the bird.


Using my sewing machine, I sewed 3/4 of the way around the bird, leaving enough room to turn right side out.


Once turned right side out, I stuffed it with the Polyfil.


Gently fold the edges in and pin.  Using the sewing machine, sew as close to the edge as possible.  {I had a pic of this but it was super blurry…sorry!}

Then I used the same technique from my Poinsettia Wreath to make a simple felt flower.  Hot glue in place of wings.

To create the beak, I took a piece of thick floral wire and bent it in half.


Using the DMC embroidery floss, wrap around the entire length of the wire and then wrap around the wire.


Next I hot glued the beak in place.  Add a simple scrapbook brad as an eye {or button if you choose} to finish it off!

Burlap Birdies via createcraftlove.com #burlap #easter #easterbaskets

Doesn’t it look adorable in the Easter basket?  {I hate to say I told you so but….}

I’m thinking I should whip up some of these Burlap Birdies for my Spring Mantel.  Hmmmmm…..

Burlap Birdies via createcraftlove.com #burlap #easter #easterbaskets

Do you enjoy the challenge of recreating something that catches your eye?




  1. says

    That bird is TOO cute!! And I think that may be what is missing from my Easter mantel! I always think I can make something that I see, but they never turn out as cute…so I am seriously impressed 😉 Thanks for sharing!!

  2. says

    Jill, these are just the cutest thing ever! I am hoping to make some of these little beauties this week for my nieces and preschool kiddos. They will be well receive. Thanks for inspiring me :)


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