Bobby Pin Bib Necklace

I am crushin’ this Bobby Pin Bib Necklace I made!  I love quick and easy accessory changes and this one does not disappoint!  {Remember my Ombre Paint Chip Necklace?  You can see it here.}  This Bobby Pin Bib Necklace adds flare without being overdone!

Bobby Pin Bib Necklace via #jewelry

Wanna make your own Bobby Pin Bib Necklace?

Here’s what you need:

Bobby pins

Nail polish

Silver/gold chain


Cut the cardboard from the left hand side of the pack {where the holes are}.


Then paint the bobby pins with the nail polish.  Allow about thirty minutes to dry.  Once dry, thread the bobby pins onto your chain!  {The ones that were painted will be stuck together but they are really easy to break apart.}

What I love about this project is you can use any color of nail polish to personalize and match to the outfit of your choice!

Bobby Pin Bib Necklace via #jewelry

Or if you prefer, there are various shades of gold, brown and black bobby pins to match different shades of hair.  You could even use those to create your own necklace!  I’m not a huge fan of gold which is why I chose to paint mine silver.  Although, I wouldn’t mind a Bobby Pin Bib Necklace in shades of brown!

Bobby Pin Bib Necklace via #jewelry

So what do you think?  Would you wear it out?




  1. says

    This necklace is so fun! I can never get bobby pins to stay in my hair so now I know what to do with the card full! Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    Hey there again, Jill!

    {popping over from my girl, Mom 4 Real…}

    I love your bobby pin necklace… It’s so modern and cool!


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