April Showers Stenciled Sign

Today, Valerie is taking the reigns!  She and her sister Laura have an amazing blog called Occasionally Crafty!  Check them out!  She has a super cute April Showers Stenciled Sign to share with you!

Hi – I’m Valerie!  My sister Laura and I blog over at Occasionally Crafty.  We have busy lives as moms of young children, but we love to craft and share our creations with you!

I don’t know about you, but with Easter falling so early this year, I was kind of at a loss over what to put out for decorations afterwards.  I love decorating for the seasons and holidays, but my general spring decor is seriously lacking!

I created this April Showers Stenciled Sign so that you can have something springy to display in your own home!


April Showers Stenciled Sign by Occasionally Crafty for createcraftlove.com #stencil #painting #spring #crafts

Supplies needed:


Vinyl and Transfer Tape (I use clear contact paper)

11×14 Canvas or Canvas Plaque  (heck, you could even use a wood plaque if you prefer)

Painting Supplies

Fabric Scrap

Fusible Interfacing

Paper Scraps


Here we go:

1.  Cut your vinyl design and adhere it to your canvas.  I even have the shape I designed just for you FREE if you want it!  You can download the file for Silhouette Studio  here.  (Inspiration found here.)


Sometimes putting vinyl on canvas is a little tricky.  You may need a little adhesive spray or Mod Podge to make it stick well.


2.  Paint over your vinyl and let it dry completely.  I needed two coats of paint.



See the difference?


3.  Use tweezers or something similar to pull your letters off.  Don’t freak out of some of the paint bled through.  Just use a teeny tiny brush and paint over it with white.


4.  Now it’s time to embellish your design.  Cut an umbrella shape out of fabric using Silhouette’s tutorial , or however you like to cut fabric.  Just make sure to use interfacing or some sort of backing, or the fabric will fray over time.

5.  Adhere to the canvas using spray adhesive or other craft glue, smoothing carefully to avoid bumps.

6.  Cut some cute flower shapes out of cardstock or patterned paper, and glue to your canvas.  Add buttons.  I played around with this forever, but in the end decided to keep it simple.

That’s it!  Now you can display it on a stand or hang it on the wall with a ribbon.


April Showers Stenciled Sign by Occasionally Crafty for createcraftlove.com #stencil #painting #spring #crafts

Thanks so much for reading along.  Be sure to visit my sister and I over at Occasionally Crafty!   You can also  find us here:



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    • Jill @ Create.Craft.Love. says

      Glad you enjoyed it! Valerie is great! You should definitely check her out over at Occasionally Crafty!

  1. says

    This is a very nice project to try Jill! :-) I really like it! Myself, I lack ideas of what and how to decorate with my house for spring, I love decorating for the holidays and this seems as a fun project to do for spring. I also went and visited the “Occasionally Crafty”; it’s a lovely blog too! loved their ideas! :-)

  2. says

    What a lovely idea for a piece of Wall art! I was thinking of doing the same, placing a Wall sticker onto a piece of Canvas. Thanks for your tip about the adhesive spray- will try that :)

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