Why advertise with Create.Craft.Love?

Create.Craft.Love. is rapidly growing crafting/DIY blog generating over 40000 page views per month, with a very targeted audience composed of bloggers, crafters/DIYers, and stay at home moms.  The site averages five new posts per week covering a variety of topics – including one to two new craft tutorials. If you have a website or product that is focused on crafting or DIY in general Create.Craft.Love. is the right place for you.

January Statistics
Pageviews – 40K+
Facebook Fans – 2194
Twitter Followers – 1103
Pinterest Followers – 2205

There are two ways to advertise on Create.Craft.Love – sponsored link or a sponsored graphic.

Create.Craft.Love. reserves the right to approve any and all sponsoring sites.  Advertising plans are agreed upon a month to month basis where either party may terminate the relationship with 15 days notice.

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