Mod Podge Keychains

Mod Podge Keychains via #modpodge #keychains

These Mod Podge Keychains are cute and stylish!  A couple of weeks ago, my Pick Your Plum grab box arrived on my doorstep.  It was met with open arms and a squeal of delight!    So I have all this awesome crafting swag and I needed to come up some new projects!  I thought it […]

Potty Treats Jar

Potty Treats Jar via #vinyl #pottytraining

Will this Potty Treats Jar encourage potty training? Confession: I haven’t forced the potty training issue.  I don’t have an issue with changing diapers.  {Maybe it’s the nurse in me.} Recently, The hubs and I were talking and I asked him if we should start.  He said, “He’ll go when he’s ready.” Well guess what?  […]

Stitched iPad Case

Stitched iPad Case via #sewing #ipadcase

I have wanted a stitched iPad case for ages!  Have you seen the Kate Spade iPad covers?  They are super adorable but I am NOT spending $50 on something I could make myself. This iPad cover is the “cousin” of the sunglasses case I made.  {In case you missed the sunglasses case, you can find […]

Glass Etched Lemonade Pitcher

Glass Etched Lemonade Pitcher via #glassetching

I’ve been imagining this Glass Etched Lemonade Pitcher in my head for weeks.  I found this awesome glass pitcher at Hobby Lobby – ON CLEARANCE!  I’ve been wanting to glass etch a pitcher for cookouts and such but couldn’t justify spending $25 – $30 on the pitcher.  {Especially since my Little Guy would probably break […]