Oreo-lympic Medals


Happy Opening Ceremonies of the London 2012 Games!! I LOVE the Olympics!  {Truth be told – the winter games are more to my liking.}  I love the spirit and solidarity that results from this gathering!  I am watching the amazing show that London is putting on as I write this! I saw these ADORABLE Oreo […]

DIY Citronella Candles

DIY Citronella Candles via createcraftlove.com #candles #citronellacandles #masonjars

These DIY Citronella Candles will prevent you from being a mosquito blood bank! It’s a warm, humid summer night sitting on the deck chatting with my husband.  The sun has set and the lightning bugs are out in their full luminescence.  The crickets are chirping, the frogs are croaking and I am GETTING EATEN ALIVE!  […]

Mod Podge Keychains

Mod Podge Keychains via createcraftlove.com #modpodge #keychains

These Mod Podge Keychains are cute and stylish!  A couple of weeks ago, my Pick Your Plum grab box arrived on my doorstep.  It was met with open arms and a squeal of delight!    So I have all this awesome crafting swag and I needed to come up some new projects!  I thought it […]

Potty Treats Jar

Potty Treats Jar via createcraftlove.com #vinyl #pottytraining

Will this Potty Treats Jar encourage potty training? Confession: I haven’t forced the potty training issue.  I don’t have an issue with changing diapers.  {Maybe it’s the nurse in me.} Recently, The hubs and I were talking and I asked him if we should start.  He said, “He’ll go when he’s ready.” Well guess what?  […]

Kitchen Aid Mixer {Vinyl} Makeover

Kitchen Aid Mixer Vinyl Makeover via createcraftlove.com #vinyl #mixermakeover

Are you all ready for the big craftin’ swag giveaway? Amber at Crazy Little Projects had a crazy little idea to gather tutorials and crafting supplies from some bloggy friends and raffle off the ENTIRE supply to one lucky person!    Amber from Crazy Little Projects is featuring a  Washi Tape Notebook and Pen Set Amy […]

Stitched iPad Case

Stitched iPad Case via createcraftlove.com #sewing #ipadcase

I have wanted a stitched iPad case for ages!  Have you seen the Kate Spade iPad covers?  They are super adorable but I am NOT spending $50 on something I could make myself. This iPad cover is the “cousin” of the sunglasses case I made.  {In case you missed the sunglasses case, you can find […]

Glass Etched Lemonade Pitcher

Glass Etched Lemonade Pitcher via createcraftlove.com #glassetching

I’ve been imagining this Glass Etched Lemonade Pitcher in my head for weeks.  I found this awesome glass pitcher at Hobby Lobby – ON CLEARANCE!  I’ve been wanting to glass etch a pitcher for cookouts and such but couldn’t justify spending $25 – $30 on the pitcher.  {Especially since my Little Guy would probably break […]

Mod Podge Wooden Fireworks

Mod Podge Wooden Fireworks via createcraftlove.com #modpodge #fourthofjuly #fireworks

I created these Mod Podge Wooden Fireworks with these wooden fireworks from Pick Your Plum a couple of weeks ago and just got around to decorating them.  {I know, I’m slacking.}  I had a really hard time deciding on the scrapbook paper.  I think that was part of the reason for my laziness.  I painted […]