Verona Zig Zag Quilt

Verona Zig Zag Quilt via #quilting #sewing

This Verona Zig Zag Quilt is the beginning of a beautiful friendship… Quilting is a labor of love, a test of patience, and an outlet for creativity. Quilting is intimidating. You begin with over 120 pieces of fabric and watch it come together into something more beautiful than you envisioned.  When Ashley at Mommy by […]

Strawberry Summer Punch

Strawberry Summer Punch via #drinks

Strawberry Summer Punch is a great end to a bad week… Sometimes after a long week, my friends and I like to unwind with some fruity libations.  Last week was one of these weeks.  I had a scathingly brilliant idea to make a fruity spiked punch which I affectionately dubbed “Strawberry Summer Punch”.  So we […]

Firecracker Cookies

Firecracker Cookies via #cookies #recipes

During my morning blog stalking, I came across an awesome recipe for Firework Cookies from Six Sister’s Stuff!  They are a spin on the cake mix cookie recipe with festive red, white and blue sprinkles and white chocolate chips – so yummy! And I gotta tell you…I nailed it!  They were incredible and the girls […]

Simple {Mason Jar} Centerpiece

Simple Mason Jar Centerpiece from #masonjars #partyideas

These simple mason jar centerpieces are an easy way to add some decor to your upcoming party!  A couple of weeks ago, a friend asked me to make some decorations for her son’s first birthday.  She didn’t have a particular theme in mind, just a color scheme – primary colors.  I began work on the […]

Firecracker Rag Wreath

Firecracker Rag Wreath via #wreath #fourthofjuly

My Firecracker Rag Wreath is sure to add a little “POP” to your Fourth of July decor!  I had seen rag wreaths before on Pinterest, but never attempted one myself.  I am so glad I did!  This Firecracker Rag Wreath was fun to make!  

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Letter Art {Dad’s Day Gift}

Letter Art for Father's Day via #letterart #fathersday #giftideas

Have you seen the Letter Art photos floating around the world wide web?  There are oodles of websites out there that specialize in this type of art.  However, they range in cost from $60 to $200.  Yikes!  I don’t know about you but that’s a little out of my price range. Well, this sparked my […]

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Salt Dough Hand Prints {Dad’s Day Gift}

Salt Dough Hand Prints for Father's Day via #fathersday #giftideas #kidscrafts

 These salt dough hand prints are super simple to make and guaranteed fun for everyone involved!   It’s a great way for the kids to leave their mark for Father’s Day! Wanna make your own Salt Dough Hand Prints? Here’s my recipe for creating the salt dough. Ingredients: 1 cup salt 1 cup flour 1/2 […]

Patriotic Pinwheel Garland

Fourth of July Mantel via #fourthofjuly #mantel

I’m swooning over my Patriotic Pinwheel Garland!  It is so darn cute and festive (if I don’t say so myself)!   Not only is it cute, but this Patriotic Pinwheel Garland is simple and easy to make as well!  Let me show you how! Wanna make your own Patriotic Pinwheel Garland?   Here’s what you need: […]

Fourth of July Mantel

Fourth of July Mantel via #fourthofjuly #mantel

My Fourth of July Mantel was inspired by my Stars and Stripes Washi Tape Art! I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out!  Some of you may recognize my washi tape project – if not, click here.  {We’ll wait while you catch up…} The “Pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness” is a vintage poster I found online.  […]